Sunday, August 9, 2009

The mural

I was commissioned to do a mural on the stage of a Moore's Store Restaurant in Ben Wheeler, TX. The restaurant is in the old Moore's General Store in "Downtown" Ben Wheeler. The store had been around since the 30's (I think) and had been passed down from generation to generation until it was finally closed not many years ago after Highway 64 was cut in just north of town. The current owners have restored what could be restored and created a restaurant that will serve high end burgers and such. They also have a nice stage for live music and community activities such as Thursday night jam sessions and whatnot. The mural serves as the back drop for the stage and depicts old Ben Wheeler back in it's hayday when they had 2 gas stations, 3 or 4 cafes, a bank, and a hotel.

I really underestimated the effect it would have on the community. It's been really fun to hear some of the old-timers as they come by and relate their stories to me about their town in days past. It's encouraging to see how a small community has come together as well to revitalize their once thriving little town. The highway may have passed them by, but they are not about to disappear.

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